An Owl’s Journey

I remember when they got rid of tan m&m’s.  I was a little hurt. Those were my favorite, and although I thought blue m&m’s would be cool….it was still…different.  Needless to say, we have been making a lot of changes around here, the most visible is our branding and logo, and we don’t want anyone to feel hurt because of it.  Maybe it will help to hear a little about the reasons.

Our old logo resembled the trip-advisor logo:

We didn’t actually try to rip off the tripadvisor logo. We actually hired a very creative logo designer to create one for us.  She came in our office and interviewed everyone working here at the time, and then created a few options that reflected our culture.  Our founder couldn’t get the owl logo out of his head, and realized it was that type of unforgetable-ness that he wanted in a logo. Some of you may remember when the logo for Sage Financial was actually the front of a Mediterranean temple, evoking the sages of the orient.

As the years passed, the dynamics of the business changed.  We are not the same Sage Financial that we were then.  This year we decided to update our image to reflect our current business philosophy and strategies.  However, we didn’t want to make a complete break from the past.  We wanted to retain elements of the old logo to reflect that we are building off of the past, not departing from it.  So we kept the owl.  A barn owl to be precise,

Actually, we really like the owl.  We think that it is a good animal mascot for our business. They are swift, have excellent vision, and can see far off into the distance.  Also, there are a lot of barns in Kansas, and we liked that our mascot/logo also represented our home state.

You may also noticed we kept the color green, but we thought it was time to update to a more contemporary shade.  One that was better suited for the web and digital media. And there you have it, the development of our new owl logo.  Now we just need to give the owl a name…any thoughts?